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Stable release

The latest stable release is version (release notes) and can be downloaded from

Details for installation, system requirements and usage can be found in the documentation and the included README.

Contributed packages

This is the place where we list packages contributed by third-party packagers.

archlinux Arch83x31.gif

Ubuntu Ubuntu.png

You can get deb packages for all versions of Ubuntu from this PPA:

openSUSE Opensuse logo.png

You can install packages for openSUSE using the one-click feature.
(Outdated) Opensuse11.2 chameleon.png Opensuse11.3 chameleon.png Opensuse11.4 chameleon.png

Mandriva Linux Mandriva.jpg

Available over the "Mandriva International Backports" repository (Outdated)

Development Snapshots

We are providing development snapshots for experienced users here. They may offer new features and bug fixes. Install them and give us some feedback so we can further improve the application before a stable release.
The latest source code is available over Bazaar vcs.

Development branch 0.8x

TV-Viewer 0.8.2b1

See the included readme for system requirements and installation instructions

Outdated versions

The TV-Viewer releases listed here are no longer supported

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