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TV-Viewer is a frontend to watch and record TV. It is designed for analog TV cards working with the ivtv, pvrusb2, or cx18 driver and others with a built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder. It uses the Tk toolkit. DVB support is planned in the future.

Welcome to TV-Viewer,
A small frontend to watch and record TV.
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General info

TV-Viewer is a frontend to watch and record TV on linux. The project started in 2007 and is designed to work with hardware build-in MPEG 2 encoders. This means all devices supported by the ivtv, cx18, pvrusb2 and cx88-blackbird drivers should work with TV-Viewer. The program is written in Tcl/Tk, so it does not rely on a special desktop environment. Current status is stable and the software is fully usable. Nevertheless development is continuing. A list of the most important features can be found here.


20.10.2013 Source Code moved to github

31.12.2012 TV-Viewer and TCL/TK 8.6

29.09.2011 TV-Viewer 0.8.2b1 released

23.08.2011 Wiki not reachable / Progress update

28.09.2010 Version 0.8.2 is assuming shape

12.05.2010 Bugfix release

25.01.2010 New homepage / wiki for TV-Viewer

27.12.2009 Stable release 0.8.1

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